True to their word, the folks at Gameloft have been giving out mobile goodies for the past few days, with more planned for each day between now and Christmas. Today’s freebie is one of the most impressive games available for Android: Dungeon Hunter HD.

The game is often compared to Diablo for the PC, and features similar gameplay. You steer your character through a 3D environment while hacking monsters, discovering treasure, and watching beautifully rendered cut scenes (which you can skip if you just want to get back to the action).

The game requires powerful hardware, so you’re probably better off avoiding it unless you’ve got a device with a fast processor and plenty of RAM, as well as a fair amount of disk space: The installer is just over 5MB, but you’ll need to download another 241MB of data to our SD card before you can start playing.

I’ve only played through the first few minutes, but the game looks great on my Google Nexus One, even though it takes a while for levels to load. This isn’t the kind of game you’re likely to play for a few seconds at a time while waiting for the bus. But if you’re looking for a somewhat more immersive gaming experience for your phone, there’s no reason not to download the game today while it’s free.

Normally Dungeon Hunter HD runs $6.99

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