If you’re an Android user and have been dying to try out the new Xfinity app, you’re wait is over. Comcast released the app for the Android platform this week, complete with email inbox, digital voice account access, TV listings, on-demand menus, and access to your myDVR Manager app.

The new Android implementation is solid, and a good way to get a handle on all of your Comcastic services, particularly if you’re a triple-play subscriber. I don’t have digital voice service, so I can’t evaluate that component, but if you use the SmartZone software Comcast already offers online, it doesn’t look like the set-up here is much different, and Will Richmond over at Video Nuze has good things to say about how voicemail and email are integrated.

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One reply on “First Impressions: Xfinity App for Android”

  1. Wow Comcast finally allows Android to control their TV and to program their recordings. DISH Network does as well (who I am employed by). The major difference is that I can stream any recorded show or live channel from my 922 SlingLoaded receiver, to my Galaxy S. Even better is I can even stream to my Galaxy Tab if I want. TV Everywhere is subject that Comcast seems to be struggling in.

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