Rovio has just released a new Angry Birds app for Android. It’s called Angry Birds Seasons and it has all 45 Halloween-themed levels that were launched for iOS a few months ago. There’s also a new set of 25 Christmas/Winter levels.

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As of today, you can only actually play the first Christmas level. The app will unlock one level each day, advent calendar-style.

The Seasons version of the game features the same basic gameplay as the original Angry Birds. You fling birds at pigs using a slingshot. Things are complicated by the fact that different birds have different properties, and there are different sorts of obstacles blocking the pigs that you need to smash, including snow in the newest levels.

The Android version of Angry Birds is available as a free, ad-supported download from the Android Market.

Rovio says  there will soon be a way for users who want to pay for the game and remove the ads to do so. Rovio is also working on a slimmed down version of the game with simpler graphics that will play on Android phones with slower hardware.

There’s no word on when the Christmas levels will be available for iOS.

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