Google has added a new “Personalized recognition” option to its Voice Search app for Android. in a nutshell, that means that the more often you talk to your phone, the better it will get at recognizing your voice requests.

While Voice Search and speech recognition have been available for Android for a while, so far Google has taken a rather broad approach, designing the service to recognize a range of voices with different ages, accents, pitches, and other features. But in a blog post, Google says the company knew all along that offering personalized recognition features tailored to your voice would lead to more accurate speech recognition — so today the company rolled out a new version of Voice Search which lets you opt in to personalized recognition.

Your custom settings are saved to your Google account, which means if you switch phones, all the time you spent training your last phone shouldn’t be in vain. But if you’d rather not have your phone’s notes on your voice sitting on a Google server somewhere, you can disable Personalized recognition, or just decline to enable it the first time you run the Voice Search app after installing the update.

You can check out a few more screenshots after the break.

Brad Linder

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