Google is expected to launch a major (and long overdue) update to the music player bundled with Google Android. Eventually the app will allow users to browse for music stored on a PC using their device, and transfer music purchases made on the web to their mobile device seamlessly. Those features aren’t available yet, but a member of the xda-developers forum managed to track down the installer file for a pre-release build of the new music player which does have a new user interface.

The app is currently a bit buggy, might cause extra battery drain, and reportedly has problems with playlists. It’s also reportedly a serious memory hog. But there’s a shiny new menu button in the top right corner, which seems to indicate that this could be the music app that will be bundled with Honeycomb — the first version of Android designed for tablets which may not have physical home, menu, back, and search buttons.

You can check out a video of the music app in action after the break, and you can download it yourself from the xda-developers forum if you’re cool with testing buggy software.

via Engadget

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