Apple’s mobile version of iMovie lets iPhone and iPod touch users edit videos on the go. But there’s currently no version of iMovie for the iPad, which is a shame, since the iPad has a much larger screen which should make video editing a lot easier. Sure, you can’t actually shoot videos on the iPad since there’s no camera, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to edit videos you’ve transferred to the device, does it?

Fortunately, it looks like if you have a jailbroken iPad you can not only get iMovie to work on the iPad, you can also get it to run in full screen (since by default, as an iPhone app it would run in a small box in the center of your iPad screen).

MacStories has a step by step tutorial, from downloading the $4.99 iMovie app from the App Store to modifying the app on a Mac, transfering the file to your iPad over SSH, and installing another free app called FullForce to get the app to run at the iPad’s native resolution.

The whole process takes a bit of geeky know-how, but if you’ve already jailbroken your iPad you should be able to follow the instructions without too much trouble.

via 9to5Mac

Brad Linder

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