Even if the latest iPod nano could run all of the apps available for the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, odds are you wouldn’t really want it to. After all, how is Angry Birds going to look on a 1.5 inch, 240 x 240 pixel display? That said, it’s still pretty exciting that a developer has found an iPod nano exploit that allows him to access the root file system and delete apps. This could also be the first step toward installing apps on the device.

While I doubt that will lead to Infinity Blade on the wristwatch-sized music player, I could definitely see independent developers writing simple apps such as custom clocks or calendars or games designed for the tiny screen.

Of course, this is only the first step. Right now there are no third party apps for the iPod nano, and there’s no way to install them. One those hurdles are jumped, you’ll still need to jailbreak your device to install apps — which could put off some users. But if there’s enough demand for third party apps, it’s always possible that Apple could open up the platform. After all, the original iPhone didn’t run third party apps unless they were web apps.

via MacStories

Brad Linder

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