The folks at LinkedIn have released a public beta of their first app for Google Android. LinkedIn is basically a social networking service for professionals. Instead of adding everybody you’ve ever met or would like to meet as a friend, the idea is that you can use the service to connect with colleagues and other people in your field.

Basically, if Facebook is your dating profile, LinkedIn is your resume. I’ve personally had a LinkedIn account for the last few years, but I rarely ever update it or visit the site, because to be honest, I’m not looking for a job and I don’t really see much point in using the service when I’m not job hunting… which I know probably defeats the point, but whatever.

If you’re a more active user than I am, here’s what the mobile app offers. You can use it to view status updates from your network, search for people, respond to invitations, view profiles, and send messages to your contacts.

The app isn’t available from the Android Market yet, so you’ll have to join the LinkedIn Android Group if you wan to download it for your phone.

Brad Linder

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