We’ve seen a couple of third party web browsers for Windows Phone 7 already, and while they all use the same rendering engine as the mobile version of Internet Explorer that comes with the phone, each adds a few features Microsoft left out, such as support for tabs, full screen mode, or incognito browsing.

Metro Web Browser does all of those things, and more. The browser lets you open an unlimited number of tabs, provides most of the same features in landscape mode as portrait, comes with an orientation lock that keeps your screen from rotating as you browse, and supports custom themes.

Because the default mode is full screen mode, Metro Browser lets you open a secondary “actions screen” for navigation, settings, and other activities. You can press the little blue overlay arrow to get to this screen — or if you don’t like the overlay, you can adjust the settings by moving the position or appearance or by removing it altogether and opening the actions screen by shaking your phone.

via WP Central

Brad Linder

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