The good news is that Microsoft is reportedly beginning to roll out a Windows Phone 7 update that brings support for copy and paste to the fledgling mobile operating system. The bad news is you probably can’t have the feature yet.

According to WP Central, the update is initially only showing p on some developer phones. If you don’t have a developer account or a supported phone, you probably won’t get the update until it’s made available to the wider public.

For the technically-minded, the update changes the build number from 7.0.7338 to 7.0.7004.0.

You can check out a video of the new copy and paste function at WP Central. Just don’t expect anything too exciting. After all, we’re talking about a feature that’s been available for desktop computers for decades, and on Windows CE devices for pretty much as long as there have been Windows CE/Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile devices. Still, I suppose it’s nice to see that you can copy text from a web site and paste it into an email window.

Brad Linder

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  1. Everybody and their mother moaned about no copy and paste and now that we have it it isnt a big deal? wtf

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