Nokia recently took over development of the Symbian platform used by most of the company’s phones, and it looks like the company has plans to step up the pace quite a bit in 2011. Instead of launching one major update every year or two, Computerworld reports that Nokia plans to offer 4 or 5 updates throughout 2011.

The first will bring more than 50 tweaks, including a new design for the web browser, reportedly making it “more intuitive” to use. That update is due in th efirst quarter of 2011. Later in the year, Nokia plans to give the entire Symbian user interface an overhaul, as well as improve the software update experience.

Symbian doesn’t get a lot of attention these days, especially in the US. But it’s still the global leader in the smartphone space. Computerworld reports that nearly 30 million Symbian phones were sold during the third quarter of 2010. But with Google Android’s market share growing at a ridiculous rate, it’s not clear how long Symbian will be able to hold onto that lead — unless Nokia manages to build some pretty serious excitement over the updates it has in store for the OS.

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