While Skype, Fring, Qik, and Apple’s FaceTime get most of the attention, they’re hardly the only games in town when it comes to video chat. But Skype doesn’t support video calling on mobile, and Fring and Qik don’t support mobile-to-PC chat. Apple’s FaceTime supports making video calls between a Mac and iPhone, but it doesn’t support PC or Android. It’s hard to find an app that does it all… but that’s exactly what ooVoo is hoping will set its new mobile apps apart from the crowd.

The company has been offering video chat for a while, with business-friendly features such as screen sharing and support for up to 6 participants. Now ooVoo is bringing those same features to mobile, along with support for mobile-to-desktop video calls.

Today ooVoo is offering a free Android app, and an iPhone 4 app is coming soon.

The Android app works over 3G or WiFi, and relies on remote servers to do some of the video processing, which helps provide decent quality even if your phone doesn’t have a blazing fast processor. If your phone has two cameras, you can press a button to flip between the front and rear-facing cameras.

The company’s basic desktop software for 2-way chat is available for free, while users who want collaboration features and up support for up to 6 participants can subscribe to a monthly plan or pay for each use.

via GigaOm

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