Word With Friends is a popular Scrabble-like game for iOS, which lets iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users play against other people in real-time. There’s no play-against-the-computer mode, but with a huge community of users to play against, it’s pretty easy to get a game started at any time.

Now it looks like Words With Friends is coming to Android as well. Android Central reports that the developers have hired a team to port the game to the Android platform, and it should be ready pretty soon. The developers aren’t sharing a lot of details about the new version, but it is expected to be “compatible” with the iOS version, which means you’ll likely be able to play against your friends or strangers on iOS even if you’re using an Android device.

If you don’t feel like waiting for Words With Friends to hit Android though, there ‘s an alternative. WordFeud is a free Scrabble clone that also lets you play against other users in real-time.

Brad Linder

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