Google introduced a handy Power Control widget for the home screen with Android 2.1 a while back, letting you adjust the screen brightness, toggle WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth, and enable or disable auto-sync of your Google data with just a click or two. But if you’ve been asking yourself why that widget can’t also show your battery status, toggle your phone’s LED flashlight, enable WiFi tethering, or other settings, it looks like there’s an app for you.

It’s called Power Control Plus, and it’s available as a $1.99 download from the Android Market.

Power Control Plus lets you create widgets of various sizes which you can place on your home screen, and lets you access almost everything you can find hidden in your phone’s Settings menus, and a few things which aren’t — such as the LED flashlight functionality on Android 2.2 devices with LED flash capabilities.

For instance, you can toggle Airplane mode,  silent mode, vibrate mode, WiFi, haptic feedback, 2G, 3G, and 4G data, USB tethering, and WiFi tethering. You can find a complete list at the Power Control Plus web site. In order to configure a widget, just long-press anywhere on the home screen, select the add widget option, select the Power Control Plus widget size you want to place on your home screen, and then start picking functions from the drop-down box.

via Lifehacker

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