Skype has released an updated version of its mobile app for Android with two major updates. The first is that you can now use Skype on the Samsung Galaxy S as long as the phone is running Android 2.2 and up. The second is that you can now install the app to your SD card if you’re running Android 2.2 or later.

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This frees up several MB of space, as you can see from the screenshot above, taken right after moving the app to my SD card. It normally takes up closer to 8MB. Unfortunately once you actually start using the app, it will start using more disk space. Once I logged into my account and added some contacts, Skype used closer to 4MB.

While Skype says the new app should free up about 15MB of space for most users, I’m still disappointed that moving apps to the SD card doesn’t actually mean the whole app gets moved to the SD card. Most Android phone don’t provide a very large amount of space for installing apps, so every MB counts.

That said, the latest version of Skype seems to perform admirably, allowing users to make voice calls and send instant messages to other Skype users. You can also make cheap calls to international phone numbers using SkypeOut credit, and merge your Skype and phone contact lists.

Skype is available as a free download from the Android Market, or you can visit from your phone’s browser.

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  1. I’ve tried to download the skpe from the website. However, there was an error shown when clicking download button on Can you pls advise if the website correct?

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