We’ve seen plenty of apps that are designed to let you view web video on your mobile phone. And we’ve seen plenty of apps designed to turn your phone into a remote control for TiVo, Apple TV, Boxee, and more. Snapstick is a new system designed to offer a bit of both, by letting you find web video on your phone, flick your wrist and start watching it on your TV.

Here’s how it works. You need a set top Snapstick box by your TV, but you don’t have to use a special remote control, a keyboard, or anything else to use it. You just need an iPhone or other supported mobile device. Then you surf to the page that has the YouTube video, Hulu video, or other online video sites using the mobile app (or by using a PC) and choose the video you want to send to the set top box.

Right now the hardware isn’t available yet for purchase, and it’s not clear whether you’ll eventually be able to purchase a standalone Snapstick box or if you’ll buy a Blu-ray player or other box that has the software preinstalled.

Snapstick is launching a private beta today. You can sign up on the company’s web site.

You can check out a demo video of the Snapstick service after the break.

via NewTeeeVee

Brad Linder

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