The Windows Phone 7 web browser is alright… but have you ever found yourself wishing your mobile web browser was in… 3D? Yeah, me neither. But the folks at SurfCube have developed a 3D web browser for Windows Phone 7 anyway.

It’s not 3D in the sense that it will convert 2-dimensional images and web pages into stereoscopic images. Instead, the user interface is modeled after a 3D cube. When you load a new web page, the page tilts so that you can see new content appearing on the bottom of the cube and view a list of your favorite sites at the top. Scrolling up will also rotate the cube, allowing you to add the current page to your favorites.

From the main browser page you can swipe left to right to open your history window, or swipe right to left to open the settings. The visual effect is the same in all instances, making it look sort of like each new window was hiding on another side of the cube. You can also enable flick detection to flip through various parts of the cube by jerking your phone up, down, left, or right.

The app runs $1.99 from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

via Engadget

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  1. this is stupid. it looks neat, but it overrides gestures made by the user that should invoke the gestures api in the browser. #fail. if you use it, prepare for lots of borked websites.

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