Once upon a time Trillian was the go-to app for anyone who wanted to chat with contacts on AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and other services using a single instant messaging client. Those days are pretty long gone, as dozens of other companies have released software that serves this niche, but Trillian is still chugging along, and in recent years the company has been adding features to its desktop software as well as releasing mobile apps. After spending the last few months in beta, the Android version of Trillian is now officially available from the Android Market for $4.99.

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The app works with AIM, Facebook, Google, ICQ, Jabber, Windows Live Messenger, and other protocols. The applets you send pictures to other users, and supports push notifications.

While that might not sound like enough to justify the $4.99 price tag when similar apps are available for free, there’s one feature that might appeal to desktop Trillian users: You can synchronize your data with Trillian’s Mac, Windows, and web software.

Trillian also offers apps for the iPhone and Blackberry.

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