Sony has been putting out portable PlayStation devices for a couple of years now, and it looks like the company’s next step will be a Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone. But while earlier devices ran a proprietary operating system, it looks like the new phone will run Google Android 2.3 with a special PlayStation app for gaming.

A few leaked videos of the phone have hit YouTube, and while we don’t have a good look at the gaming experience, we can clearly see that the phone looks like a typical Android slider, but instead of a slide-out keyboard it has a slide-out gaming pad which is kind of ugly, but functional looking. There’s also a PlayStation app which you can pull up to view a list of games.

It’s not clear whether games will be available for purchase through the Android Market or a third party store. But given some of the high quality games already available for Android, I suspect we’ll see some titles with killer graphics and decent gameplay soon enough, and the physical directional pad has got to be easier than the touch-based controls for 3D shooters, RPGs, and other mobile titles which often feel like they were designed for a gaming console rather than a touchscreen phone.

You can check out the videos after the break.

via Engadget

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  1. Yes! Finally! I’ve been asking for this forever! That’s my next phone!

    Thank you Sony! And those physical buttons on the front are icing on the cake (I hate those soft buttons found in most android phones)

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