A few months ago music video site VEVO launched an iPhone app for streaming content to a mobile device. Now there’s an iPad-specific version called VEVO HD. It’s a free app that serves up high-quality music videos from over 7,500 popular artists. The app is rich with video content beyond just music videos. There are exclusives like behind-the-scenes looks into the music videos, VEVO originals, music video premieres, and live-streamed music events.

Playlist, sharing, and buying options are available when watching in fullscreen

Finding videos to watch is easy – you can use the search field to find your favorite artist or song or you can browse by categories like most viewed, genre, and artist. Videos are shown in fullscreen, but you can also watch them minimized so you can browse through a side-panel showing related videos.

Browse related videos while you watch your current selection

Want to discover some new songs or artists and need some help deciding what to watch? You can pick from playlists made by other users or view a “Music Map” to see what videos are being watched near your location. If you find something you like, you can add it to your own playlist, purchase it directly in iTunes, or share it via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

An interactive map lets you see what's being watched around you

You get bits of music trivia while you wait for your video to load. Occasionally though, you’ll have to sit through a sponsor’s ad. Video playback is smooth and the app is really responsive when it works properly, but it crashed once or twice during a 30-minute session.

VEVO HD is a great alternative to sites like YouTube for watching and sharing music videos on your iPad and keeping up with your favorite artists. VEVO HD is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.