Say you used your Android phone to shoot an 8 minute video of your cat playing with a toy, or a half hour video of your baby kind of lying on the floor doing nothing but looking cute. Now say you actually want to watch the video from time to time, but don’t have the free time to watch it from start to finish. You could export the video to a computer, fire up a video editor, trim the fat, and save a clip to your phone. Or you could use VidTrim to do the whole thing on your phone.

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VidTrim is a free video editor which lets you open a video, set start and end points, and save a clip. You can either make changes to the original file this way, or save the clip as a new file — which I highly recommend unless you’re really sure you don’t want to save a backup of the original file.

Sure, VidTrim isn’t going to turn you into the next George Lucas. You can’t mix audio, add extra clips, or do any other sort of complex edits. But if all you want to do is trim a video, you can do that with this free app. There’s also a paid version for about a buck if you want to get rid of the ads. You should probably try before you buy though, as the developer says not all phones and video formats are supported.

VidTrim is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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