Online investment firm E*Trade recently launched an Android app to go with the company’s iOS and BlackBerry apps. I wanted to check it out, but I don’t actually use E*Trade to manage my investments. I use Scottrade, which doesn’t offer mobile apps (instead relying on a mobile web site). But while that means I can’t buy and sell stocks using a mobile app, it doesn’t mean I can’t keep on top of my investments.

While searching for a Scottrade app, I came across a mobile app called Wikinvest Portfolio, which is available for Android and iOS. The app is tied to a web-based service called, you guessed it, Wikinvest.

You can link Wikinvest with your brokerage. It supports more than 60 different brokerages including Scottrade, E*Trade, Schwab, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade, allowing you to see the latest prices for all the stocks in your portfolio. You can also click the News tab to see the latest business news or the Markets tab to see the latest on the US and international markets.

Things get even more interesting when you search for a quote or tap on a stock in your portfolio. Wikinvest brings up information about the stock’s recent performance, news headlines, and other details about the company. The news tab shows you the latest business news about the company. And the Analysis tab provides Bullish and Bearish opinions from the Wikinvest community.

Unfortunately some of the analysis appears to be woefully out of date, but the stock prices and statistics all appear to be accurate. Wikinvest also powers the financial data at and

The Wikinvest apps are available as free downloads from the Android Market and iTunes App Store.

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  1. How will it be shown (after synchronization) will the fees be displayed so the real return will be known? How will the low, high or average expenses be indicated, and how often so true performance will be known?

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