Bitbop is a mobile video service backed by Fox Mobile which lets users stream TV episodes to mobile devices. The company already offers Android and BlackBerry apps, and now there’s a beta version of Bitbop for Windows Phone 7 as well.

The service runs $9.99 per month, which seems a bit steep considering Hulu Plus and Netflix both let you watch videos on a variety of devices, nost just a phone, for just $8 per month. But there’s a 60 day free trial, which is pretty nice.

It looks like Bitbop has been busy adding TV shows to its catalog since I last checked in on the service, and there’s a decent assortment of titles from Fox, NBC, CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon and other networks. Bitbop also has Comedy Central programs including full-length episodes of The Daily Show and Colbert Report, neither of which are currently available from Hulu or Netflix.

On the down side, just like most of the competition (with the exception of the BBC iPlayer which is only available in the UK), Bitbop is only open to US residents.

Bitbop is available as a free download from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

via WP Central

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