Cydia is the top app directory and store for apps you can install on jailbroken iOS devices. But while Cydia will let you download and install apps that aren’t available from Apple’s App Store, Cydia isn’t quite as user friendly. Case-in-point: Up until recently there was no way to save apps you’d purchased, which meant if you needed to download an app again you were going to have to pay for it again. What’s even worse is the fact that if you update your device to the latest version of iOS, you’ll likely have to jailbreak all over again — and download apps all over again.

Fortunately, Cydia received a major update this week: the ability to login with your Facebook or Google account and save your apps. That way you can re-download apps you’ve already paid for at any time. You can also download all of your jailbreak-only apps from your profile without searching for them one-by-one after updating iOS.

via Reddit and FSM

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