Evernote is an online service that lets you store notes, photos, web clippings and other content all in one place. It’s pretty handy if you’re using a computer, but it’s even more convenient on a mobile device, since it lets you record voice memos, snap photos, or make other quick notes on the go and then access them all from your phone or computer when you need them later.

The company provides software for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, webOS, and BlackBerry, but so far there’s no client for Windows Phone 7. But as old school Windows Mobile usage declines, the folks at Evernote say they’re planning to launch a Windows Phone 7 app soon.

All we know at the moment is that it’s due out “this winter.” I think it’s safe to assume it will have some of the same features we’ve come to expect from other mobile apps including the ability to access items stored in your account on your mobile device as well as to upload notes, photos, and other content from your phone.

The basic Evernote service is free, but paid subscribers get access to additional features — such as offline access to notes using mobile apps.

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  1. According to those stats, they shouldn’t waste time developing for the Windows mobile platform…

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