Most Android phones have cameras which make it easy to snap a photo or shoot a video. But what if you want to shoot a video and then save a still image from that video? That’s where Frame Grabber comes in. This app, which runs a bit over $4 from the Android Market, makes saving screengrabs from videos about as simple as it can be on a handheld device.

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When you first open the app, you can tap the screen to bring up a list of videos stored on your phone. Tap any video to open it up, and you’ll be taken to a screen divided into two halves. On the top half you’ll see an image from the video. The bottom shows a series of still images from the video, organized by time or frame number.

All you have to do is tap the image you want and then press the menu button to get a save image option which will let you save the picture to your SD card.

By default, the app doesn’t show you every single frame from your video, because it would take forever to generate all of those thumbnail images. Instead it grabs a few images from throughout your video and plots them on a circle. You can move forward or backward by dragging the circle left or right. If you don’t see the images you’re looking for, you can tap-and-hold the center button to bring up a zoom icon. Tap that and the shortcuts will be arranged closer to one another.

The app should work with most Android phones, but the developers say it doesn’t currently support the Motorola Droid.

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