Out of the box, Google Android 2.3 is designed to run on ARM-based processors. But as with most open source operating systems, anyone who’s willing to play with the code long enough can recompile the software to run on chips with different architectures. For the last few years we’ve seen enthusiasts porting Google Android to run on the x86 processors used by most laptop and desktop computers, and now there’s a version of the latest version of Android which can run on x86 chips.

You can find steps for getting the latest build at the Google Groups discussion. This build requires Java 1.6 and a 64-bit built environment. WiFi and sound aren’t currently working, so this is clearly more for testing purposes than anything. But if you’ve always dreamed of running Android 2.3 Gingerbread on your laptop, you can stop dreaming.

via Android Community

Brad Linder

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