Apple has a tendency to reject apps that have anything to do with BitTorrent from the App Store. The folks behind the iControlBits app have either found a loophole, or snuck under Apple’s radar.

The app doesn’t actually let you download BiTorrent files on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Instead, it acts as a remote control utility, letting you control and monitor downloads on a Mac using the Transmission BitTorrent client.

The Transmission app for OS X does have a built-in web interface which lets you control downloads from Safari or another mobile web browser. But iControlBits says its software offers more features and that it’s faster.

You can use iControlBits to to pause, resume, stop or delete downloads. You can’t currently add a new torrent file to download, but the developer plans to add that feature to an upcoming release.

It’s still possible that Apple could pull iControlBits from the App Store. But it’s currently available for $1.99 and it’s been in the App Store fro about two weeks.

via TorrentFreak and Download Squad

Brad Linder

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