Kongregate is one of the best places to find Flash-based games using a desktop web browser. But the site also has a decent mobile portal which lets you play Flash games on Android phones running Flash Player 10.1. But the problem with web-based games is that you usually need to be online to play them. Enter Kongregate Arcade.

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The folks at Kongregate have launched a new free app for Android that not only makes it easy to find and play hundreds of Flash games — you can also download most games to play when you’re offline.

The main page of the app shows off a few games and ratings, and also gives you the ability to sort by genre or search for games by name or keyword. Once you tap a game page you can see a description, comments if available, and instructions for playing. There’s also a big download button. From this page you can also hit the Android Menu button to rate an app, view high scores, or see how much storage space is available on your phone. You can also uninstall any games you’ve downloaded from this screen.

If you have a Kongregate web account you can also sync up data from the mobile app with your web account.

You’ll need Android 2.2 with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in order to use the Kongregate Arcade app. All of the games are optimized for mobile, which is good because while you can play many Flash games using a mobile web browser, games that aren’t optimized for mobile devices can be difficult to control. That shouldn’t be a problem with games downloaded through Kongregate Arcade.

Kongregate Arcade is available as a free download from the Android Market.

Update: Following a little run-in with Google’s Android Market policies, Kongregate has removed the ability to download games and store them on an SD card. That means you’ll need an internet connection to open most games — although you can cache the last game played for offline gaming.

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