A member of the xda-developers forum has posted a music app called Motorola Music Player 1.0.179 which happens to work on most Android device s– although some features like the FM Radio tuner will clearly only work if you have the proper hardware. That said, the app (which shows up in my Android settings as Connected Music Player) may be the most impressive music app I’ve seen for Android phones so far.

The list of features is a bit dizzying. In addition to playing music stored on your device, the app can handle FM Radio and internet radio streams from Shoutcast. You can also search for music videos on YouTube by artist or song title — and you can hit the Music Videos button while any song is playing your device to find YouTube videos featuring that artist. You can also download missing album art by tapping the big empty disc icon that shows up when you’re playing a track that doesn’t have album art.

The app also lets you view song lyrics from TuneWiki, and view a map to see what other TuneWiki users are listening to in your area or elsewhere around the globe.

There’s SoundHound integration, allowing you to identify songs playing on the radio, the overhead speakers at a store, or any other real-world setting by tapping a button on your phone.

The basic music player lets you sort song by artist, album, or song. You can play, create, and save playlists. And there’s support for auto-repeat, shuffle, and a sleep timer. You can also share your playlist through Twitter, SMS, or eMail using the Blip feature.

And finally, there’s a home screen widget that shows you album art, a play/pause button, song and artist info, and back/forward buttons.

The app weighs in at just over 2 MB.

You can find download links at the xda-developers forum.

Update: The download link has been removed, but with a little searching, I suspect you may be able to find some mirror sites that still have the installer file.

via Droid Life

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  1. I always love it when an app is “leaked”! This app looks really nice with graphics that don’t make you wince. Also, the app doesn’t appear to be clunky so that is another plus!

  2. There’s actually a free Android mobile cloud music app available from Mufin. The first 1 gig of music storage is totally free and that’s enough to stream about 250 of your tracks. Well worth a look http://www.mufin.com/us/

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