MasterCard’s ATM Hunter app is a pretty nifty tool that lets you find the closest cash machine based on your location. You can click on any listing for detailed information about the ATM in question including its distance, position on a map, and feature (although there’s no key or legend letting you know what those features are).

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The app showed up in the Android Market recently, and while it works pretty well for me in Philadelphia, some users have complained it isnt’ very accurate in other parts of the globe.

But if the user interface doesn’t look like it was designed for Android, that’s because it wasn’t. The free app has been available for iOS for a while, and the Android version looks like a direct port.

That would probably be fine, although the back buttons at the top of the screen are clearly a bit redundant on most Android phones. But the funny thing is that MasterCard forgot to change the product description. The Android Market listing says you can “Find ATMs located around the world with your iPhone’s GPS, by entering an address or an airport location, from wherever you happen to be.” That’s  pretty neat trick if you’re using an Android phone, not an iPhone, isn’t it?

I suspect the product listing will be updated soon. It’d be nice if someone at MasterCard also updates the UI a bit.

Update: The project listing has been updated. It now says “Find ATMs located around the world with your Android’s GPS.” I’m not sure that’s grammatically correct (shouldn’t it be “your Android phone’s GPS?”) but it’s certainly an improvement.

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  1. ‘your Android’s GPS’ makes it sound as if everyone’s accompanied by their very own Mr Data, directing them to the world’s ATMs. When they work. And actually have money in them.

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