MegaReader is an eBook app for iOS that lets you read DRM-free ePUB books from Feedbooks, Project Guternberg and other free book stores. There’s nothing too special about that. Stanza and a dozen other apps will let you do the same thing. But there’s one new feature that sets MegaReader apart: a Heads Up Display option that lets you use a live feed from your iPhone camera as the background for any book.

In other words, you can read a book while seeing what’s behind the book. In real life, this is absolutely useless and probably very distracting. But in theory, you could use this to read while eating, walking, or doing far more dangerous things. Check out the demo video after the break to see a few examples.

MegaReader is available from the App Store for $1.99.

via Engadget

Brad Linder

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