The developers of the first jailbreak utility for Windows Phone 7 devices ceased development of the ChevronWP7 tool after Microsoft promised to work more closely with the homebrew software community. But not everybody wants to play ball with Microsoft, and Windows Phone developer Julien Schapman says he’ll soon release a new tool for jailbreaking WP7.

Jailbreaking basically means opening up a device so that you can install software that isn’t officially supported by the OS makers. It does this by providing access to settings and feature that are normally locked away from end users.

Schapman’s new software will be an unofficial Device Manager for Windows Phone 7, and it will allow users to manage and install applications (including those that aren’t available from the Windows Phone Marketplace), access files on a device using a file browser, backup data, add ringtones, and perform other actions.

The developer is waiting until Microsoft launches its next major update for Windows Phone 7, which he hopes will keep Microsoft from patching the vulnerability exploited by his software too soon.

Microsoft does make it possible for users to install third party apps that aren’t available in the WindowsPhone Marketplace… but you have to pay $99 to register as a developer in order to access that feature. The idea is that developers will need to “sideload” applications for testing purposes, but as we’ve seen with iOS, Android, and other devices, sometimes users want to install apps that aren’t available via official App Stores, making jailbreaking and/or sideloading the only option.

via The Inquirer

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