Smartphone operating system updates are usually rolled out by wireless carriers on a case by case basis. Basically the software maker (Microsoft, Google, RIM, etc) will release the update but it will be up to device makers and telephone companies to determine if and when to make the updates available. But now it looks like Research in Motion is offering an alternate upgrade path for BlackBerry phones. The company has pushed a pre-release version BlackBerry OS 6 for select devices into the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Right now you can only grab the update if you have a BlackBery Bold 9700, Bold 9780, or Curve 3G 9300. You’ll also need to be a T-Mobile customer. Hopefully other devices and carriers will be supported in the future.

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 actually ships with OS 6, but by signing up for the beta program you’ll be able to download the latest pre-release updates of the operating system.

via PocketBerry

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