Popular runner’s app RunKeeper Pro lets iPhone and Android users track their times, see how far they’ve run, show routes on a map, establish customized workouts, and more. Last month the developers decided to run a promotion through the month of January, allowing users to download the full version of the $10 app for free. Now the company says the response has been so positive that RunKeeper will continue to make the app available as a free download.

There’s always been a free, ad-supported version of RunKeeper, but it’s lacked some of the features available in the full version.

ReadWriteWeb reports that the CEO of the company says the goal at this point is to build a stronger community of RunKeeper users. He says the company will worry about a new monetization strategy later.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the company decided to place ads in the full version of RunKeeper, while allowing customers to continue using all of the features that had only been available in the Pro version previously. But it’s possible that the folks at RunKeeper have something else in mind. Any way you slice it though, it’s good news for runners who have been tempted by the app but put off by the $10 price tag.

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