Google Android lets you place “folders” on your home screen, giving you quick access to a number of related (or unrelated) apps with a single tap. Want to put all of your video games or news apps together? You can do that. Unfortunately the default folder option doesn’t let you use custom icons or colors to tell one folder apart from the other. It’s also a hassle adding applications to a folder.

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One of my favorite solutions is a program called Apps Organizer, which lets you create custom labels by choosing a list of apps from a list and choosing any icon you like. Then you can just place an icon on the home screen using the “widget” option. But recently I stumbled upon another solution which may be even more customizable. It’s called SiMi Folder Widget, and like Apps Organizer, it”s also available as a free download from the Android Market.

SiMi Folder Widget lets you create as many folders as you like, assign each one an icon (or using a default icon but choosing a custom color scheme) and customize text and background colors. You can add apps from a list.

Then you can place the icons on your home screen — where tapping brings up a pop-up list showing the top four items in your folder. You can scroll from side to side to see additional apps.

The developer plans to add support for contacts and bookmarks in the future.

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