While Apple provides iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users with a limited set of customization options (change the wallpaper, organize apps by folders), if you jailbreak your device you get much more control over the look and feel of iOS and you can even install custom themes with custom icons, color schemes, and more. But finding themes in the Cydia app store for jailbroken devices isn’t as easy as it could be, which is why the folks at FIF7Y are launching a new theme store for iOS tomorrow, called Theme it.

The developers say Theme it won’t necessarily provide a comprehensive list of themes for download, but instead will offer some of the “best” themes available. The store will also feature the details you need to decide whether you want to download a theme, including screnshots, compatibility, retina display support, and information about the artists behind the themes.

Theme it will be available as a native app, but there’s also a web version which will allow you to view and purchase themes or manage your themes from any web-connected device.

The store launches Monday, but you can watch the teaser video below to get a taste of Theme it today.

Brad Linder

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