Skype has already stated that it has no plans to develop an official app for Windows Phone 7 (unless Microsoft changes the tools available for third party developers). But that hasn’t stopped independent developers from trying to create their own VoIP apps for Windows Phone 7… including one that will add support for the Skype service.

Xda-developers forum member Jefis says that right now the app supports chat and can grab your Skype contact list. There’s currently no support for actually making voice or video calls. But it’s a start.

Unfortunately Skype hasn’t been too kind to this sort of project in the past. The company asked Fring and Nimbuzz to disable Skype integration last year. But since Skype doesn’t plan to launch its own app for the Windows Phone 7 platform, maybe the company will turn a blind eye to this unofficial client?

via WP Central

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5 replies on “Unofficial Skype app for Windows Phone 7 in the works”

  1. I hope this is the start of Skype’s demise.. They shouldn’t turn a blind eye to their WP7 customers. I hope Microsoft will give us a free alternative quick enough to stop these kind of useless endeavors.

  2. This is the one major thing that puts me off buying a windows phone, seeing that multitasking and copy and paste have now been addressed.

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