Sure, most Android phones ship with free access to Google Maps navigation. But Verizon is hoping it can entice you to pay $9.99 per month to use its VZ Navigator VX service instead.

So what does Verizon offer that you don’t get from Google’s free service? Here are just a few things:

  • Virtual City Driving with 3D animations of major cityscapes
  • Overhead traffic signs letting you know which lane to drive in or where to exit
  • Plan trips online using a PC and send the details to your phone
  • Premium traffic information which is updated every 60 seconds

The navigation service also features the usual goodies, including 2D and 3D views, satellite imagery, and search for local airports, gas stations, restaurants or other locations through Microsoft Bing integration. You can also use the app to get car, truck, bicycle, or walking directions.

Overall, the app looks great — but $10 per month is still a hard sell when there are free alternatives available. For now VZ Navigator VX is available for the Motorola Droid X, HTC Droid Incredible and Samsung Fascinate.

via Android Police

Brad Linder

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