While Adobe Flash Player 10.2 for Android tablets is still a few weeks away, Adobe has launched a new tablet-friendly version of Adobe AIR. The AIR platform lets developers write apps using the same tools needed to create web-based Flash apps, while packaging them to run as native apps on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. That means developers can quickly and easily port desktop apps to run on Android phones and tablets.

AIR for Android has been available since October. But Air 2.6 which was released today adds support for Android tablets, GPU-based rendering, updated gesture support, faster scrolling, smoother video, and other improvements.

There are dozens of Android apps which require Adobe AIR to run, including a Netflix Queue manager, an FLV player, and a video chatroom app. The folks at AppBrain maintain a good directory of AIR-based apps for Android. I suspect we’ll start seeing apps optimized for Android tablets show up on the list soon.

via Droid-Life

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  1. Will this work the same as adobe flash player on Facebook i can’t see some stuff coz i have no flash player

    1. Ya it should I’m just hopin that it will work for my netbook and hopefully I don’t have to spend two more days on gtting a flash player on here!!!! That’s for sure

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