As expected, the BBC is getting ready to launch an iPlayer app for the iPad. According to BBC Online engineer Geoff Marshall, it’s due to hit the App Store on Thursday, February 10th. For now the app will only let users stream BBC video over a WiFi connection. When you’re using 3G you’ll be able to browse content, but you won’t be able to stream video.

The app will only be available in the UK for now, and the app is iPad-only. There won’t be iPhone or iPod touch versions… at least not right away.

Word on the street is that the BBC will launch a subscription-based service allowing international viewers to pay for iPlayer access later this year. But the app will be free for UK residents.

Update: The BBC confirms that an Android app is in the works as well. The Android version will rely on Adobe Flash, which means it will support Android 2.2 and up.

via Pocket Lint

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