Research in Motion announced today that the BlackBerry App World store for free and paid 3rd party BlackBerry apps is now available in 27 new markets, bringing the total to well over 100.

Some of the new markets include the Czech Recpublic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, and Sweden. You can find a full list at the Inside BlackBerry Blog.

There are more than 18,000 apps available to download and install directly from your phone. While that’s just a shadow of the number of apps available for Android and iOS, it’s more apps than you’ll currently find in the webOS or Windows Phone 7 app stores. And that’s not bad for a platform that’s really known best for its messaging and communications features rather than support for third party apps.

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  1. It stated that with the addition of these 27 countries, a total of 101 countries already supported.Great news for 27 new countries.
    Addition those for Blackberry users.

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