It’s not hard to find or design custom wallpapers for Android phones. You can pretty much set any picture stored on your SD card as a wallpaper. But not all pictures are created equal, and some look much better than others on your phone’s Home Screen. Finding the right colors, designs, and pictures to compliment your personal widgets and app icons can take some time.

RedWall makes the process a bit simpler by providing a one-stop-shop for finding, downloading, and installing Android wallpapers. It’s also easy to submit your own wallpapers. That’s because RedWall grabs its data from, or rather from a subreddit at

That means you can browse the latest selection, upload your own images, or vote using the reddit web site. Then you can use the RedWall app on your phone to browse by the hottest wallpapers ranked daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The app shows thumbnail icons and names for each wallpaper — although you may have to hit the refresh button now and then if thumbnails don’t load automatically.

You can tap on any listing to download the image and set it as your wallpaper. Images are stored in a redwall folder on your SD card.

It would be nice if you could also see reddit comments in the app, or view full sized pictures before downloading and setting an image as your wallpaper. But as it is, the app provides a pretty good way to find new wallpapers while the web site provides a good forum for submitting and discussing them.

via Android Police

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