Dolphin Browser HD is one of the most popular third party web browsers for Android, thanks to its support for tabs, add-ons, gestures, and other advanced features. While the browser looks great on smartphones with 3 or 4 inch displays, the developers figured they could make better use of the large displays on tablets, and now there’s a new version in the works called Dolphin Browser for Pad.

The browser is currently in beta, but it already offers many of the features that make Dolphin Browser HD special including support for gestures, tabs, add-ons, storing your cache on the SD card, and a powerful bookmark manager. The tablet version of the browser also has a new “flip” interface for moving through web pages, theme packs with different color schemes, and social features.

Dolphin Browser for Pad also includes support for private browsing and bookmark synchronization.

The app is available for download from the Android Market, but since it’s in private beta, you’ll need an invite to actually use the browser.

via Download Squad

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