While phones running Google Android 2.2 and up can run Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and handle a fair amount of video and other Flash content that shows up on web sites, the web browser isn’t always the best tool for playing Flash games which require keyboard input. That’s where third party apps like Kongregate Arcade come in. But what if the games you want to play aren’t available from Kongregate or if you want to play games when you’re offline?

Xda-developers forum member Kazeari has put together an app called Flash Game Player which lets you download any SWF file to your phone’s SD card to play offline. You can also set a custom button layout — although the more buttons you need, the smaller the buttons become, which can make playing some games rather difficult.

Flash Game Player is available as a free download from the Android Market, and while I didn’t have a lot of luck loading my own SWF games to the SD card and playing them (primarily because it’s a bit of a headache assigning all of the buttons properly), you can also download games and keyboard layouts from an online database.

Robot Unicorn Attack was kind of slow on my Google Nexus One, and the sides of the screen looked a little washed out. But the game was definitely playable. Your results may vary from game to game.

via xda-developers

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2 replies on “Flash Game Player for Android lets you play any SWF game on Android 2.2 and up”

  1. I tried it and also some other swf players. They all failed to play flash games that required only mouse or one button support. The games tested worked on my bottom-of-the-line dumbphone and crappy ps3 browser and psp.

    Flash is simply dead on Android.

    1. its not dead, it actually works if you know what you’re doing. i got a HTC wildfire with gingerbread, flash games run just fine, but no browser support since it requires ICS.

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