The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet isn’t available for purchase yet, but new apps for the platform are pouring into the BlackBerry App World every day. One that caught my eye this week was GeeReader, a native client for Google Reader.

The app is an RSS reader that synchronizes with your Google Reader account. You use your Google credentials to login, and it will grab all of your subscriptions and sync your read items, starred items, or items that you’ve liked or shared.

GeeReader shows a list of feeds in the column on the left, and a list of items in a specific feed or category on the right. When you click on any headline, a pop up window will show you the full text of the feed.

Personally I’d like to see an “expanded” view option, like the one you can get with the web-based version of Google Reader. But GeeReader has a simple and attractive interface an looks like it could be a touch-friendly alternative to the mobile version of Google Reader.

via Playbook Daily

Brad Linder

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