Google Shopper is a mobile app that’s been available for Android phones for a while, making it easy to scan an item at the store and see if you can order it cheaper online. Now Google Shopper is also available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

You can use Google Shopper with your device’s camera to scan a barcode or cover art for books, CDs, or DVDs. You can also tap the Voice Search button and tell Google Shopper what item you’re looking for. Or if you want to be old-fashioned about it, you can enter a search query in the text box.

Search results can be sorted by price, relevance, or seller rating. You can add a star to an item to find it again later. And you can check availability at local stores or online shops. Google Shopper also shows you product reviews and other details when available.

Google Shopper is available as a free download from the App Store. Android users can grab the app from the Android Market.

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