Hipmunk is a web-based service that lets you search for flights across multiple airlines. Of course, that hardly sets it apart from dozens of other services, but Hipmunk has a few things going for it that have gained the service a loyal following:

  1. Flights are plotted out on a graph showing price, flight time, and length of trips.
  2. There’s an “agony” index which takes into account the price, number of stops, and duration of a trip.

Now Hipmunk has gone mobile with the launch of a free iPhone app. It offers all the features you can find at the Hipmunk web site – save one. You still need to fire up a real web browser to actually book your flight, so the Hipmunk app will shunt you off to Mobile Safari to make your reservation. The good news is if you don’t relish the idea of tapping out your payment info on your iPhone keyboard, you can also have Hipmunk shoot you an email with a link to click to book the reservation so you can finish on a computer.

Brad Linder

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