I’m pretty sure I’ve never looked at my Android app launcher and thought, you know what would make this better? 3D graphics and icons that move just enough that they’re actually kind of hard to open. But that’s exactly what homescreen 3D offers. That said, while the app isn’t exactly useful, it sure is kind of pretty to look at, especially if you run the “demo mode” which wll have your application icons flying this way and that across the screen.

Basically, once homescreen 3D is installed, tapping the Home button on your Android device will give you the option of launching the app instead of the default home screen. By default, you’ll see icons for every program installed on your Android device, arranged in alphabetical order. You can remove all the apps and start adding individual apps one by one, or you can rearranged the apps by tapping and holding on an icon you want to move.

What makes the app special are the 3D animated effects. The basic effect turns each icon into a sort of cube, and all of the icon-cubes slowly spin. You can also add effects such as a “sine-wavey action” or “induce nausea on scroll” option.You can also customize the app to use 2, 3, or 4 columns.

The full app is available for $1.50 from the Android Market, but you can aldo download a free version which is fully functional.

via getAndroidStuff

Brad Linder

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