Apple’s FaceTime video chat app works on the latest iPhone and iPod touch models, and also lets you video chat with uses on a Mac computer. The Apple iPad is still the odd man out though. There’s a pretty good reason for that: the iPad doesn’t have a camera. But rules are made for breaking, and hacker Intell has posted instructions for getting FaceTime to run on the iPad.

Basically the hack involves taking the version of FaceTime designed for the 4th generation iPod touch, modifying some files, and loading them onto a jailbroken iPad. The whole process is a bit involved, and probably not a great project for inexperienced iPad hackers.

If you do manage to get everything working though, you can use FaceTime on the iPad. Clearly the video chat will be a bit one-sided, but the app will recognize the iPad’s microphone, which means that not only can you see the person you’re talking to, but they can also hear you… they just won’t be able to see you.

via 9 to 5 Mac

Brad Linder

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